Balancing High School and Crossfit

Many people have asked me this lately:

How do you balance school and training everyday?

At first it was difficult. I felt overwhelmed because I wanted to get my work done on time but still wanted to fit in a reasonable amount of time for training.

Of course I messed up (many times). But eventually I learned something. I learned that you have to struggle and know what it feels like to fail to learn and get better at something.

That not only helped me be understand for school but also during training.

For example… If I was to go in everyday and PR on a lift or beat everyone on every single workout, I would always expect that to happen. So when I do fail, I wouldn’t know how to handle it and it may discourage me.

Fortunately, I know what it feels like to fail. I know that sounds kind of funny but its true.

When I do fail at a lift or don’t finish a workout the way I wanted to, I do get frustrated sometimes but I think it over to see where I need to get better and know that I needed to learn from it. Then I just shake it off, smile, and come back again to crush it! 🙂


So going back to how I balance school and Crossfit…

8th grade, to me, was the hardest year. Maybe because I moved to a new school but mostly there was a lot of homework, tests, projects, etc. But moving into 9th grade, I feel like its not so much work, its more of how well can you manage your time. This is actually a little relief for me because I have already been through that struggle so now, it is easier and I’m not having to stress as much. I’m not saying that I can blow off my school work, I’m just saying that I’m not as pressured.  With this, I am able to spend more time training and still have time to focus on school work.

My school and training schedule:


-Wake up @ 6a and make breakfast.

-Do any homework and mobilize until about 8a.

-School starts @ 9a.

-Do any homework during free time at school.

-Come home from school @ 4p.

-Get ready for Crossfit.

– Get to gym around 5p

-Work out until about 7p

– Go home, shower, eat dinner, play with dogs

– Do any homework that I have.

-Listen to music and wind down.

-Go to sleep around 9:30p.

(My weekends and Winter/Spring/Summer Breaks from school are a little more exciting and fun. 🙂  )



  1. Rebekah says:

    I really want to do crossfit but I don’t know how I should tell my parents about it

    • Brooklin Smith says:

      Hi Rebekah! I think it is great that you want to do CrossFit. I would talk to your parents about it just like you would about any other sport or hobby. You could make a list of the reasons why, your goals and the benefits. If they don’t know about CrossFit and you want to tell them about it, you can find some good information at I hope this helps. Good Luck!

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