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August 21, 2016

2016 Reebok Crossfit Games- Reflection

This year, I competed in my 2nd Crossfit Games. It was definitely harder this year but I expected nothing less than that. The bars are set higher and higher each year (no pun intended :)).

The sport is growing. People (younger and older) are developing new/improving skills and making their training a little tougher each year to try to become as prepared as possible for whatever Dave Castro throws out. If you haven’t noticed already, he likes to change it up and surprise people with new variations of workouts, movements, etc.

My coach and I try hard to make sure I work on everything possible so nothing is a complete shock. But there is always one thing that will be put in a WOD that we totally didn’t think about. For example, this year the final wod was 27 chest to bar pull ups and 2 rounds of D.T. with an axel bar. I had not worked with an axel bar in a year or two. So that was a surprise. I only had about 5 minutes to warm up and feel out the axel bar before that event started.

But in situations like that, I can’t panic. I have to figure out a way to get through it. It takes a ton of focus and positivity.

Other things that I learned:

  • Everything becomes more difficult each year.
  • Stay focused on the goal no matter what happens.
  • Quickly learn to overcome the obstacles that get in your way.
  • There’s no room for negativity or emotion when its “Go Time”.
  • I need to add more running to my training.
  • I can always push harder, even if I think I am going hard enough.

There are definitely more but these are some of the main ones.

Oh! and one more…

  • Ice cream and Olive Garden bread sticks taste so good after competing!! 😀

Things that I changed from last year…

  • Programming/Coach

– The day after returning home from the 2015 CrossFit Games, I started working with Coach Dave Tillman in his MADathlete program at CrossFit Cedar Park.  This included an increase amount of volume and hours in my training.

  • Nutrition Plan

-I experimented with the kinds of food and quantities that I was consuming. I found and stuck with the way that worked best for me and it helped me a ton. Last year going into the Games, I was eating the right foods but I wasn’t consistent with it. I wasn’t eating the same amount of food everyday.

-This year, I was consistent and ate the same amount of food everyday (with very few/minor changes along the way).

  • More hours at the gym…

-Whenever possible, I was at the gym working out 2x per day. It made it easier when summer break came. But during the school year, I would train early morning in my garage and after school, I at the gym.

  • My mental game…

-Last year after competing in the 2015 CF Games, I posted a reflection of my experience there. One thing that I put as “What I learned” was that the thing that sets everyone apart is mental toughness.

-After last year, that was the biggest thing that I worked on everyday. Pushing myself to that “dark place”. Making myself do workouts that, before, I would not make myself do. Basically training myself to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

-I definitely noticed that my hard work paid off.


I placed 5th in the 2016 Reebok Crossfit Games (3 spots higher than last year).


I’m not completely satisfied with it. I am going to use that to fire me up to do even better next year.

Yes… I am happy to see that I improved from last year and I am proud of all the work I put in. But I want more. I want to stand at the top of that podium.

I’m super excited to see what this next year brings!!

Big thanks to everyone that watched and supported me.

Thank you to my MADathlete fam. that pushed me and  through training.

Coach Dave!… I cannot thank you enough for all of the time, patience, and help. I have learned so much.


I am super grateful to have the support from my parents and sisters.

To my sisters:  I have to recognize them both for all of their support and extra hours they spend at the gym or tagging along to competitions. Thank you. 🙂

To my mom and dad:   Thanks for being such strong role models and the biggest supporters.  I love you guys so much.

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April 9, 2016

TOP 10!!

The Open is over!!

My goal this year was to place top 10 in all of the Open WODs and that is exactly what I did.

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Not only did I qualify for the Games again, I actually improved from last year.

Last year I finished 10th (placing 12th, 13th, 19th, 7th, 19th, 41st.)

This year I finished 6th (placing 7th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 8th)


Things that I changed from last year….

1.) Nutrition:

  • My nutritionist, Taylor Dayne Loyd programs my meals to fit me and allow me to perform by best.
  • I feel much better mentally and physically.

2.) More Water:

  • I got into the habit of drinking a gallon of water everyday.
  • Yes…..When I started drinking that much water, I did have to pee a lot but not anymore. 🙂
  • Your body gets use to it and adapts to that amount of water consumption.


  • Fish oils are really important for recovery.
  • I started taking them and I have felt much better!!

4.) Training Increase

  • More time at the gym.
  • Strength, endurance, and mental game has gotten much stronger.
  • I would like to thank my coach, David Tillman, for the awesome MAD Athlete programming and support.


Super excited for this year. Its going to be EPIC!!

Lets go…


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January 31, 2016


I had an absolute blast at the 2016 WODAPALOOZA!

Things that I did:

1.) I hung out with some pretty awesome people.

Screenshot 2016-01-31 18.16.38 Screenshot 2016-01-31 18.16.54 Screenshot 2016-01-31 18.19.02

2.) Competed in the rain WITHOUT chalk…

(“Prepare for the unknown and unknowable”) I have to admit, that was so cool.


3.) Got cheered on by Jason Khalipa… That was pretty awesome…

Screenshot 2016-01-31 18.16.22

3.) Got to watch the other MAD athletes from my gym KILL IT!

Screenshot 2016-01-31 18.18.31

4.) Placed 5th overall!

😀   😀


This is going to be a great year….

Balancing High School and Crossfit

Many people have asked me this lately:

How do you balance school and training everyday?

At first it was difficult. I felt overwhelmed because I wanted to get my work done on time but still wanted to fit in a reasonable amount of time for training.

Of course I messed up (many times). But eventually I learned something. I learned that you have to struggle and know what it feels like to fail to learn and get better at something.

That not only helped me be understand for school but also during training.

For example… If I was to go in everyday and PR on a lift or beat everyone on every single workout, I would always expect that to happen. So when I do fail, I wouldn’t know how to handle it and it may discourage me.

Fortunately, I know what it feels like to fail. I know that sounds kind of funny but its true.

When I do fail at a lift or don’t finish a workout the way I wanted to, I do get frustrated sometimes but I think it over to see where I need to get better and know that I needed to learn from it. Then I just shake it off, smile, and come back again to crush it! 🙂


So going back to how I balance school and Crossfit…

8th grade, to me, was the hardest year. Maybe because I moved to a new school but mostly there was a lot of homework, tests, projects, etc. But moving into 9th grade, I feel like its not so much work, its more of how well can you manage your time. This is actually a little relief for me because I have already been through that struggle so now, it is easier and I’m not having to stress as much. I’m not saying that I can blow off my school work, I’m just saying that I’m not as pressured.  With this, I am able to spend more time training and still have time to focus on school work.

My school and training schedule:


-Wake up @ 6a and make breakfast.

-Do any homework and mobilize until about 8a.

-School starts @ 9a.

-Do any homework during free time at school.

-Come home from school @ 4p.

-Get ready for Crossfit.

– Get to gym around 5p

-Work out until about 7p

– Go home, shower, eat dinner, play with dogs

– Do any homework that I have.

-Listen to music and wind down.

-Go to sleep around 9:30p.

(My weekends and Winter/Spring/Summer Breaks from school are a little more exciting and fun. 🙂  )



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July 28, 2015

Best Summer EVER!

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. I have been super busy.

This past week I have been competing and spectating at the 2015 Reebok Crossfit Games. I competed on July 21-23.

This has been the best experience. I have been working so hard, everyday, to get ready for the Games. And this past week has reflected all of the work I have put in.

I have also learned so much and kind of what to expect for next year:

1.)  Don’t pack all of your clothes with you. Just don’t.

2.) The thing that sets everyone apart is mental toughness.

3.) Don’t beat yourself up.

4.) The WODs feel like they go by fast (even if they may be 20 min long).

5.) Have FUN!

6.) Leave it all on the competition floor.

One of the questions that I have been asked was “Were you nervous at all?”        My answer was “Yes.”  I wasn’t really nervous at all until it was time for me to walk out, or going through the tunnel that led to the competition floor. But I wasn’t fearing that I may not do well or I may not be able to beat the other girls in the WOD. I think it was more of excitement. I was excited to show the world what I can do, that I have put in time and effort to make it where I am today.  The most important thing that I did this week was have fun and give it my all.

So the the question, again, is “Were you nervous?”

“Yes, nervous not meaning worried, but meaning excited.

Thank you to my Coach Jeff Mckinney for all of the programming, help, and support this past year to get me where I am now. I am going to miss you while you are living in California. But I now that good opportunities are coming your way!

I want to thank everyone for all of your support through my Crossfit Journey. This has been such a busy and fun filled year.

Bring it on 2016!!     #SMITH150

And congrats to Ben Smith and Katrín Davíosdóttir for earning the title as Fittest on Earth!

(I met Katrín 2 days before she was crowned.)


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Jenn Vs Brooklin Throwdown

Today turned out great!


Event 1–  8 min AMRAP

1 Muscle Up

1 Snatch @75% Body Weight

10 Double unders

2 MUs

2 Snatches

20 DUs

Cont. until 8 min is up.


Event 2–   Find Max Clean


Thank you to everyone who came out. And thank you soooooo much to the people that donated. The donations will go to my trip to the Crossfit Games. The money over my goal will be donated to the Flatwater Foundation.

I just want to shoutout Jenn Jones for being so supportive and being such an inspiration. Thank you for coming out and throwing down with me! It was so much fun!!

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