Jenn Vs Brooklin Throwdown
Screenshot 2015-06-28 18.48.14

Today turned out great!


Event 1–  8 min AMRAP

1 Muscle Up

1 Snatch @75% Body Weight

10 Double unders

2 MUs

2 Snatches

20 DUs

Cont. until 8 min is up.


Event 2–   Find Max Clean


Thank you to everyone who came out. And thank you soooooo much to the people that donated. The donations will go to my trip to the Crossfit Games. The money over my goal will be donated to the Flatwater Foundation.

I just want to shoutout Jenn Jones for being so supportive and being such an inspiration. Thank you for coming out and throwing down with me! It was so much fun!!

Screenshot 2015-06-28 18.48.05 Screenshot 2015-06-28 18.48.14\

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